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Five weeks with Lilla Rogers


Why I went back to school

There comes a times in every artists life when starving in a garret no longer appeals, and it’s time to get serious and actually make a living. So what do you do about it? The answer for me was to take the Make art that sells (MATS) course run by the fabulous Lilla Rogers, art licensing agent extraodinare.

What’s it all about?

It’s a course that breaks down the various markets that license artwork on all kinds of products. Next time you’re in a shop take a look at the products in that shop and notice all the great artwork on the tissue box, note books, fabric, wallpaper, plates, the list is endless. The great thing is that all these images had to be designed by someone so why not me?

The tools.

Over the course of 5 weeks Lilla covered a different market giving us all the inside track on what’s hot and how to present your work to maximise your chances of selling it.  It is hands down the best course I have ever taken. There was so much information and great advice as well as a weekly product brief and a critique where Lilla really told you why a piece worked and was ready for market or how it could be tweaked to give it to that extra pop. More than that she gave advice for how to keep going when the going gets tough and how to make contacts in the industry. In the space of 5 weeks the group created nearly 700 pieces of art, that is pretty amazing.

The community

The most surprising thing was the amazing community that has developed during the course. The sense of community amongst my inspiring classmates has been highly motivating and truly supportive. Now the course has finished we still connect as a group and this post is part of our first blog tour. It has been such a privilege to meet such a talented group of people. I have to admit I was pretty intimidated at first as most of the class are professional illustrators or designers already working in the industry, but I needn’t have worried as they are a generous and tolerant bunch, and I hope to keep going with our group for a longtime.

The work

Below is a piece from each week two by me and the rest by my classmates who are also blogging about the class today, I hope you enjoy it and please stop by their blogs to check out their fabulous work.

Week One: Bolt Fabric by Deb TrevittDEB_TREVITT_VERYBERRIES_2A_WEEK1

Week Two: Home Décor by Nic Squirrell


Week Three: Book Cover Design by me

The language of the birds book cover Melinda Hopkirk


Week Four : Wall art by Nic Squirrell



Week Five: Gift market by me



So if this has caught your interest and you would like to view the creations of my class mates please stop by their blogs. Tomorrow the tour will be hosted by Danielle McDonald and Jennifer Appel.

A full list of the MATS tribe blog tour follows

Aisha Khan –

Linda Tordoff –

Martina Lenhardt –
Melissa Doran –
Sarah Gager –
HungYu CHEN –
stephanie corfee –
Son Atwal Sonia Atwal –
Rachael Schafer –
Sarah Ehlinger –
Jordan Vinograd Kim –
Jen Burbridge –
Carolina Coto –
Eva Marion Seyffarth –
Anna Whitford –
Mary Tanana –
Melinda Hopkirk –
Renske de Kinkelder-

Bari Palles Ackerman

Tina Koyama

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