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Procrastination Project 1

Procrastion Project 1

You know those days where your to do list is so long you could wallpaper your home with it and yet some how you find your self doing something entirely different that does not seem to have any relevance to what you actually need to get done but you do it any way, I call these my procrastination projects.

So the first example is my friend Salome here, she was once a very sad plaster bust with peeling yellowing paint, and frankly she really should have been sent to the tip, but the person who gave her to me is very dear to me and I just couldn’t bring myself to do it, so she got a makeover instead.

How Salome got her makeover

  1. Peel off any loose bits of paint. Use medium grade sand paper to even out edges of chipped paint to the plaster underneath, then fine grade sand paper to take the shine off all over. This creates a surface for your paint to stick to. Wash down all over with a damp cloth and leave to dry thoroughly.
  2. Paint all over with a coat of chalkboard paint. Leave it to dry for about four hours. I used Rustins, instructions for other brands might differ slightly. Don’t use your best brush as the paint does seem to stain the brush even after lots of washing.
  3. Once dry lightly sand all over once more and wipe clean with a damp cloth. When dry add one more coat of chalkboard paint leave to dry and voila your done.

Salome now lives on the kitchen window sill and compiles my shopping list for me, she now looks a lot better and has a purpose so she can stay for as long as she likes.

What are your procrastination projects?